02 December 2011

Lipton Warming Apple Cinnamon Tea (a repost)

Guess what! I’m sick. I was in Krakow recently (to see Auschwitz – see my thoughts and pics here) and the freezing temperatures killed my immune system. Add that to my already iffy sinus status and add the high smog currently covering Rome and you have a recipe for a cold.

Fortunately, a friend has a remedy.

Drum roll please….

Inside are Yummy and Health.

It really does warm you up inside. It smells like the holidays, like fresh baked apple pie.

I put my mug of water in the microwave for 2 mins 30 seconds. I don’t recommend microwaving water – it’s always best to use a kettle – but my options are limited. Basically, bring your water to a boil. Let steep as long as you like – I just left my bag in there the whole time. Warning – make sure you use a regular size tea cup, rather than a large one (you know, the kind that doubles as a soup/cereal bowl) because the bag isn’t strong enough to flavor that much water very well. It’s a very weak tea if there’s too much water.

I’m getting my own box of this at the local grocery store. And when I return home I’m sure I’ll be able to find it since its a Lipton tea. It will be sitting right next to my Strawberry Berry tea….



(A repost from MyDailyCupofTea.com...see it in its originality here as well as more tea posts!)

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