30 August 2011

We leave today!

So at approximately 7:15PM Central Time I will be lifting off from O'Hare in Chicago for a nine hour flight to Zurich, Switzerland. Then, after a short layover and a 1.5 hour flight I'll land at DaVinci Airport in Roma, Italia!!!

It hasn't set in yet. I don't think. Although I do keep pestering Natalie about needing to get the laundry done.

Anywho, from the time that we get in the car to go to the airport I will have exactly one goal: get to the hotel. Unfortunately it's not a direct thing - we have to stop by the JFRC campus to check in, find out what room we're in, sign stuff, etc. etc. etc. Nevertheless, I will be on heightened alert until I have my stuff safely in the room and have a place to lay my head.

It's been a crazy last few days too. There have just been so many last many things to take care of - for example, I tried to find a converter for my straightener and curling iron. I decided to leave them in Natalie's room and buy a straightener there. I couldn't find one for under $30 and apparently they tend to melt in about six months. I did find an adapter though - one that should work in both Italy and Ireland although they're different shaped outlets. I'll give you a review on the Targus WorldPower Adapter later.

So after this DON'T call or text me. I won't get it. I'm taking my sim card out of my phone (yay iPod touch!). I will try to have my Skype up whenever I'm by my computer though. Email is probably gonna work best.

All right, the next time I post I will be in Roma, Italia! (God willing, of course).

Mari <3

24 August 2011

Getting Ready...

Alright, so today was my last day at Charlotte Russe...Bittersweet to say the least. I really feel like I grew this summer - I was able to handle the responsiblity that was placed on me and learned a lot, both about myself and working with others.

I also managed to save a little bit of what I earned there...

On a completely different note, I thought I'd share with you all where I'll be staying. I'll be splitting a room with Natalie at the Zone Hotel. It's supposed to be modern in design. It's not quite on campus, but it's pretty darn close, we'll have an RA, and it should be a bit more immersive.

Got my hair colored and trimmed yesterday! Dana, head stylist at Dazzle Salon and Spa, did an amazing job! I recommend them - they fit me in the day I called, had a 50% off coupon for the first salon visit, and are some of the nicest people... There'll be a pic of the new hair up soon!

On that note, I've set up a Flickr account (notice the correct spelling this time). However, I've been told that Picasa, which is by Google, actually works better in Europe. For now I'll try the Flickr but we'll see what happens in a week (OMG!).

A piĆ¹ tardi,

21 August 2011

The Plan

So...nine days until I step foot on my first ever international flight...or any flight longer than an hour for that matter.


Anywho. My last attempt at a somewhat regular blog was somewhat of a, well, fail. Of the Epic variety. This one will go better. I hope.

There have been death threats if it doesn't so I'd best keep up (friends who shall not be named).

So here's THE PLAN (but we know how those go)...

Aug. 30: Depart Chicago about 7ish for Rome.
Aug. 31: Arrive in Rome. Idk what time.


Dec. 17: Go to Barcelona.
Dec. 20: Celebrate Natalie's b-day.
Dec. 22: Celebrate my birthday.

Dec. 23: Go to Paris.
Dec. 25: Celebrate Christmas in Paris.

Dec. 28: Go to London.
Dec 31: Celebrate New Year's in London.

Early January: Go to Limerick Ireland for second semester!

Natalie is one of my friends from LUC. We'll be spending Fall semester and the Christmas Holiday together. :)

So I'm hoping for a Flicker account. Also, I will be blogging about twice a month for LUC. I'll have all the posts here.