09 December 2011

Gelataria Crawl...

Yep. As good (and unhealthy) as it sounds.

And I mean honestly, only in Roma could your professor convince your university to give you money to eat gelato.

It's called "an immersive experience".

So this past weekend I found myself taking the bus down to the bottom of the hill and purchasing some delicous gelato.

The first place was FatamorganaAnd it was delicious. I really wish that I had discovered this place earlier - they have so many cool flavors!! It's not my absolute favorite...but I think it's my second.

The two flavors I tried: Kentucky (I mean, come on, I had to) which was described as chocolate and tobacco....Have to say, didn't taste any tobacco. It just tasted...earthier. Bacio - I always have bacio. It's my comparison flavor. This one had a legit hazelnut in it.

Upside: Great choices, all natural ingredients!

Downside: Off the beaten track. As in on a side street that gets no pedestrian traffic. I really hope this place makes it!!!

The second place was Gelarmony. This one, though equally good, didn't have the variety of flavors I was hoping for. However, it was much easier to find. You get off the bus and - Voila! It's there in front of you! I do have to say though, if you like Dreamscicle, try the Mandarin orange flavor. It distinctly reminded me of Dreamscicles.

Beautiful sunset. 

After this I needed to work off the calories and sugar...so I walked down along the Tiber...

Carousels, Santa, balloons, games...

Across to Piazza Navona and the Christmas market...

Jacopo and Natalie

To the Pantheon, and on down to Trastevere where there was a chocolate festival....Nbd.

I'm going to miss Rome. A lot.



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