15 December 2011

Christmas Extravaganza Plan B

So the original plan was for Natalie and me to spend our birthdays in Barcelona, Christmas in Paris, and New Year's in London.

Alas, thanks to benevolent forces, that plan has changed. Natalie will be returning to the JFRC next semester! Which means she has to return home, sit outside the Italian consulate, and get her Visa renewed. So no Christmas Extravaganza.

I, however, am not returning home. Instead, I will spend just under a month traveling on my own. In Spain.

First, I am flying to Barcelona where I will spend five full days wandering around all the city has to offer. I'm extremely excited. Next, I will train it down to Valencia where I will spend 20 days working on an organic farm in exchange for room and board. Finally, on January 12 I will arrive in Dublin, get to Limerick, meet my new roommate, find a place to live, and begin semester 2.

Naturally, I'll let you all know what's going on :).


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