23 December 2011

Farm in Spain!

Okay guys, here´s the lowdown:

There´s two days of awesome stuff missing from the Barcelona trip - including my birthday! But, due to time and energy contraints they didn´t make it up before I left for Mas de Madalena, the farm where I am wwoofing until January 11. Well, they don´t have wireless here - but since the place is awesome I´ll forgive them.

(OMG, five dogs, two big goats, two little goats, two sheep, lots of chickens, a donkey, a horse, two ADORABLE kids, three rabbits, a very nice and down to Earth couple (Pablo and Bea...Pablo likes to cook), Bea´s parents, some cats....this place is in the mountains....bella. Molta bella.)

In otras palabras, there probably won´t be any posts until I get settled in Ireland around January 13 (Happy birthday Mom!). But I´ll try to maybe give you a couple updates, let you know how feeding the animals and playing with Simone is going (yep, like the busdriver #JFRC) She´s the dog named after one of my favorite Jazz artists Nina Simone.

But here´s the website of where I´m staying: http://www.masdemadalena.com/index.php

And here´s the real Nina Simone:



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