20 December 2011

Barcelona Day 2

Note, this is a bit behind. I've been very tired in the evenings, especially after Day two which should more appropriately be called Montserrat day...

Really Montserrat is a destination all in itself. It even has a hotel. It's a very sacred place with a long history. I'm not going to go into much here. The link above gives a great brief history. What you need to know is that the mountain goes about 1000 metres above sea level, has a lot of walking trails to various places on the mountain, has a really old monastery and a beautiful basilica, and you can walk, drive, or take the cable car up. We took the cable car up.

Major conquering of fear of heights was involved. 

Not the greatest picture, but this is the interior of the Basilica. The white is a boys choir (rather famous apparently). They were amazing, but I found it funniest when they fumbled with the music.

This gives you an idea of the view. This cross is above the monastery (see lower left corner above rail) at about 800 metres above sea level. The wind was really blowing. This point is called Sant Miguel's.

Following this I went to dinner with a girl I met on the day trip (Nikky) and we had paella! Yum. We then got a pastry for dessert at a little shop, wandered around a bit, and went back to the hostel. So sleepy after all this!


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