27 February 2012

The Perfect Sunday Afternoon

Guess what guys...I'm a model!

Just kidding, I have NO PLANS on entering the fashion industry. But, yesterday afternoon another foreign exchange student, Janne Cecilie of Norway, wanted to take some pictures. For some reason I was her only volunteer. The rain stopped, the sun peaked out, and we went down to the Park...

You can see more pics on her bilingual blog! It was so much fun - when it warms up we hope to do a shoot with dresses! 


26 February 2012



Watch this video for a few reasons:

1. It's short.
2. It will make you hungry.
3. I've eaten at that pizza place in Naples (and damn was it good).
4. UNESCO protected pizza? Why not!?!


Me eating pizza from the place above.
P.S. Da Michaela's is also the pizza place in "Eat, Pray, Love".

23 February 2012

Artsy Fartsy Thursday - Cereal Box Re-do!

Hooray for the second edition of Artsy Fartsy Thursday! Today we're looking at what to do with those cereal boxes...I mean, come on. We all love cereal. We have those boxes and since they're relatively sturdy, why not do something useful with them?

Like make a magazine/notebooks/papers you accumulate and have no where to put because you aren't in your native environment holder!!!

There's super simple directions here. No really, make a mark about 5 inches up on the box and use a ruler to draw a line to the top opposite corner and then make the diagonal cut. Voila!

I didn't make my cut so low. But I still like it! And guess what...I USED MORE ATLAS PAGES!!! I still have 9 left...so lots more crafts in store! I didn't cover the inside of the box either. No point really for me, although it would make it "cleaner" if you did.

Here it is on our counter ready to collect random papers!

Well, that's this week's edition of Artsy Fartsy Thursday! Tune in next week for another study-abroad student friendly DIY!


20 February 2012

Wish I was there...

Um. I love oranges. In fact, I'm about to eat a clementine (orange's sweet little sister). But you know what I really wish?

I wish I had been in Italy for this: the Ultimate Citrus Food Fight.


Oh, Italia, you constantly find ways to tug my heart strings.


16 February 2012

Artsy Fartsy Thursday - Paper Flowers!

Here's the first edition of Artsy Fartsy Thursday! I don't know why, but since arriving in Ireland I've become very arts and craftsy...perhaps it's necessity birthing creativity. Or maybe a little too much Pinterest (feel free to follow me!).

Whatever the case, it's inspired me to start a new weekly feature called...Artsy Fartsy Thursday! Kitchy and a bit crass? Yes. But I can hardly take myself seriously since I've turned into a...crafty person...Really, I look at a paper towel roll and start thinking "What can I do with this?"

Anyways. This might be a travel blog but part of travel is adaption, especially when you are staying in one place for more than a few weeks. You want it to feel like home. Which brings me to...

Paper flowers! Neither of these are original. The first you've already seen on my blog when I discussed decorating on a shoe string budget. You can find the tutorial for the rose-like flowers (and yes, hers look much better than mine) and pics here.

Today I made two new ones from a new tutorial. I like these as well. They definetely add diversity to the table display and kind of freshen it up. And yep, I used the Atlas I bought (it will play a central part of the next few Thursdays).

Basically, this flower is origami + double sided tape (aka one of the greatest inventions evah!).

As you'll see in the tutorial, she says to fold down part of the paper to make it flush. I made a smaller flower without doing that and here's what happened...

Kind of reminds me of a juicer, but I like it nonetheless. 

Well, that brings us to the end of our first Artsy Fartsy Thursday! Hope you enjoyed! 

Also, hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day.


15 February 2012


In case you're unaware, Emma is my roommate. She's the Ausome Aussie I've mentioned before. And guess what...

TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY!!! In fact, she turns 19. Which means she only has one year left of the "But I'm a teenager" excuse.

Isn't she beautiful?
Happy birthday Emma! I'm so glad to get to experience it with you! Thank you so much for everything you've done for me over the past weeks. It has meant so much.

Baci e abbracci,

13 February 2012

Cliffs of Moher

Okay, Ireland is beautiful.

Really, really beautiful.

Super duper beautiful.

This was my first trip since arriving in Limerick. Several of the international community went. We got on the bus at 10AM and an hour or so later descended at the majestic Cliffs of Moher. 

After about an hour and a half we got back on the bus and traveled up the coast and stopped at a pull off giving us wonderful views of Galway and the Atlantic ocean. The rocks were stunning.

It was wonderful to get to see so much of the country everyone falls in love with. I definitely have much deeper feelings for Ireland now. 


03 February 2012

Weekend Plans! 2/3 -2/6

I stole this idea from One Sheepish Girl. She's adorable! (Notice the book she has on the top of her page...!!!)

Anywho, it's been another long week, but the weekend is finally here. Unfortunately, I'm so tired. No suprise all things considered. So this weekend I'm going to take it easy. Most of the other international students are going to Cork or Dingle. Me, I'm having some quality time with my duvet.

It's really warm and comfy.

I also have a really long to-do list. But since I don't have classes on Mondays I have a three-day weekend to do it. Several of the things are pretty easy - like go out and have a cup of tea or file taxes.

Oh, wait.

That second one probably won't happen this weekend.

I'm also planning on finding some hiking boots. Ireland has some amazing hiking opportunities! I'm planning on taking advantage of it. There are supposed to be some trails around Limerick - I might try out one of those on Sunday.

Other than that, make some Potato and Leek soup and sleep.