06 October 2011

Technological love of my life

Okay, just a really quick blog on something that has made my life so much easier. This isn't a paid advertisement or spam or anything - just something you might already know about but that I recently discovered.


Oh. My. Word. It's a beautiful thing.

So basically I hate flashdrives because when you save something on it then edit it somewhere else you have to go back and resave all the files so they're all updated blah blah blah. No more!

Dropbox gives you about 2.0 GB of FREE space online plus a FREE download of the product. So install it on your computer, save a document in there, open it elsewhere, upload it online and BAM it's updated on your computer too. So anywhere you have internet you have access to your file and when you edit it and save  it it's automatically saved whereever Dropbox is installed! Life simplified. Glorious day.

Hope that made sense...basically go to dropbox.com, watch the short funny video and be converted. See link below.


PS: Thanks Michelle for introducing me! Thanks Jenny for introducing Michelle! Thanks whoever introduced Jenny!

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