21 October 2011

Stranded! Santorini Edition

If I could choose any place in the world to be stranded in I have to say it would be here:

Oh, wait. I was!!!

You see, there's a huge economic crisis in Greece currently. I chose to spend six days on the island of Santorini (think Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) during Fall Break. While there, the ferries started striking. 

Which meant that I was stranded. So I had to buy a plane ticket to Athens and then Rome because I missed my flight because the ferry I was supposed to take back to Athens was canceled (by the way, I could not change or get a refund for my flight). 

How do I have such a peppy attitude despite all this? It's easy.

Fantastic company.
Wonderful view.
Glorious beaches.

Yeah. Welcome to Santorini.

I took one of these to a Volcano and swam in some hot springs.

The hot springs.

These are the puppies I played with. They live at my hostel.

This is the Red Beach at Akrotiri. Breathtaking right?

Therefore, in conclusion, if you ever have a chance to get stranded on an island...make it Santorini.

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