30 October 2011

Cat Lover's Dream...

This apartment will be perfect for me and my cat, Bullseye.

Yes. He is in a toilet. It's empty. Except for cat. 

Why you might be wondering? Well, just look at the floor plan.

Not only is it graced with a decent (though by no means extravagant) amount of closet space, but it has a dining room! An actual dining room! And a foyer! But I would like to specifically draw your attention to the windows...count them...SEVEN WINDOWS. You might be thinking, "Sheesh, isn't that a lot to clean?" Well, yes, actually it is. But that's not the important part. The important part is that that means seven prime locations for sunbathing opportunities for me and my cat. Because really, that's a cat lover's dream...little patches of sunshine to curl up in.

Picture it: a daybed pushed up next to the windows in the living room, doubling as the siesta location as well as a guest bed. In the dining room, a cat tree next to one window and a nice comfy chair in front of the other. The kitchen will have a lovely door mat in front of the door so that he can lounge while I'm cooking up dinner. And of course, in the bedroom the light will spill into the room and on the bed, providing an excellent opportunity for napping in the sun. 

I suppose I should say there are SIX WINDOWS since I doubt the one in the bathroom will be utilized for sunbathing. 

Look at that floor!
But I wouldn't buy an apartment solely for the purpose of pleasing Bullseye. This apartment has an amazing location in Wrigleyville, just minutes from bars, the lake, the Cubs, and downtown (aka, every reason you'd ever want to live in Chicago). The courtyard looks amazing and there are beautiful wood floors (can you say, "easy to clean"). This place is full of character - just look at that bathroom! (I might find my cat in there after all). And the piece de resistance? The calming cream paint pallet.

Just kidding. Although it will make a nice neutral backdrop for all the pictures I took while studying abroad.

Check it out! http://www.vacancy.com/illinois/chicago-apartments/632-w-addison/

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