21 October 2011

Day trip!


According to this blog, you can get peanut butter in gelato....I'll be there soon and let you know.


So a few weeks ago we went to Ostia Antica and the Catacombs. Way cool. Well, hot, but whatever.

Ostia Antica is a relatively well preserved city south of Rome that in olden days (Antica...get it?) was the port. You might say, why do we see no river? Well, that would be because the Tiber changed course during a particularly violent storm. Ostia Antica had already lost its importance though.

I enjoyed these ruins a bit more than Pompei surprisingly. Probably because I wasn't as overwhelmed and was fresh like a daisy. Not really. But I was no where near as exhausted as I was when I visited Pompei.

Next...the Catacombs of Saint Callixtus!!!! Wow, just wow. Over 500,000 people were buried here.

500,000!!!!! (including 16 popes and many martyrs)

Unfortunatly during the Barbarian raids and such most of the tombs were broken open as people searched for  treasure and such. They didn't find any. Most Christians didn't have any money. Suprise.

I couldn't take any pictures myself (against the rules) but there are lots available online.

BTW, Saint Cecelia was buried there. When they found her body they discovered it completely preserved. Then, after a few moments it turned to ash. An artist rendered it - a copy is at the catacombs and the original is at the Santa Cecilia in Trastevere. I saw it recently. Again...no pics allowed.


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