28 October 2011



I find the above blog awesome, and that post in particular. It's like the Lars Von Trier film I saw last night except cartoony, and funny, and has a happy ending, and...okay, all they have in common is subject matter.

But they both do an awesome job of explaining depression. PSA time - if you or someone you know is suffering from depression and doesn't get how to get other people to understand do to things.

1. Show them this blog post.

2. Show them the film, Melancholia.

I think it's awesome. My friend, Frank, who I saw the movie with and who is a film major is on the fence. He said he needed time for it to muddle in his brain. I can understand.

And yes, that is Alexander Skarsgaard. And his dad. And Charlotte from P&P. And Jack Bauer. And Kirsten Dunst.


But really, this apocalyptic film is one of the better ones, mostly because it doesn't involve mass hysteria (it takes place in only one rural setting). Whatever you think of Lars Von Trier, I think he did a good job with this one.

But what am I doing see an English film in Italy?!?!?! Well, it was in downtown Roma at this awesome little intimate theater AND it had Italian subtitles. So there.

Also this week I watched two other films of substance and set in Italy.

1. The Best of Youth - an epic (and I mean that in the way of it's six hour long) covering over forty years of life of two brothers in Italy. I learned a lot about Italian history and it made me want to learn a lot more. Also  I had to drink a lot of water over the three days it took me to watch it. I cried a lot. A lot.

2. Miracle at St. Anna - not another war movie. Although it's based off of a novel there is a lot of story truth in this film. Despite the tears (come on, it's a WWII war movie, there's gonna be tears) I really enjoyed it. It followed four members of the 92nd Division stationed in Tuscany. The 92nd (Buffalo) was the first all Africa American combat unit. Also, the guy who plays the boy all grown up is Nicola from The Best of Youth (watch and you'll get it).


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