28 October 2011

Beware European Junk Food (a re-post from my LUC blog)

Consider this a PSA:

While stranded on the island of Santorini over Fall Break I became addicted to a specific variety of junk food: Digestives. Specifically the kind half dipped in dark chocolate.

From premierdelivered.co.uk

I'd had one of these oh-so-tasty treats from my roommate (but the plain kind). While at the local supermarket she had discovered them in the cookie aisle and became so excited I almost abandoned her from embarassment.

Now I know why.

She lived in London growing up - the home of McVitie's, creator of this highly addictive cookie. When she came to the States she discovered something horrible...THEY DON'T EXIST IN THE STATES! This accounts for her obnoxious level of excitement in the supermarket.

But back to Greece. I, too, fell in love with these simple and delightful cookies. I also managed to get my new friend, Gouda (name changed to protect her identity), addicted to them. The day I left she was already making sure she could purchase them through Amazon so that when she returned to Seattle in a week she wouldn't have to suffer withdrawals.

My hope is that you can find them for a reasonable price at an international supermarket, like Devon Market.

Otherwise, I too will have to pay exorbitant amounts just to satisfy my craving...

Note: This is why I'm staying away from the chocolate filled croissants...



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