01 October 2011

How you know your weekend was successful...(a repost from the LUC blog)

There are two simple questions you should ask yourself to determine whether or not you have had a successful weekend while studying abroad:
1. Am I exhausted?
2. Am I ready to go home?
These questions are particularly helpful in determining the success of a travel weekend. You should note that “home” in the second refers not to your actual birthplace or where your parents live, but the city in which you are studying. In my case, Roma, Italia.
This weekend me and three friends went to Napoli, Capri, and Pompei. We were so so so happy to come back to Roma, not because we’d had bad experiences (we had only wonderful ones) but because we were wore out from our travels.
We got up EARLY Friday morning and took the train to Napoli. There we had the best pizza ever, as well as some of the best gelato. Note, Napoli is not a good place for tourists at night. Italians told us to be careful, so we were. We spent the evening in the hostel and had a wonderful time.
The pizza was totally worth it.
The next day we got up EARLY to go to the ferry to get to Capri. Oh. My. Word. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Also expensive – we had a wonderful meal on the steps next to a church that we got at a supermarket. Saved a lot of money that way.
Here’s the beach. Don’t you wanna go?
And Capri from the ferry as we were leaving…
On Sunday we got up not quite so early and went to the Museum of Archeology…
Then Pompei…
Finally, home.
And that my friends is a successful weekend.

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