30 January 2012

Self Portrait

Today I'm participating in a self-portrait challenge hosted by The Paper Mama, my latest blog find. I love her freshness and honesty. I found her via Pinterest - are you on Pinterest yet? 

Currently I'm...

Obsessing over… what to have for dinner. Not an object - though that would have to be new hair-dos I suppose, but my stomach pretty much determines my day...I'm thinking left over soup and a peanut butter sandwich! YUM.

Working on… Videos for another blog I write for. I'm kind of in love with container gardens - they seem so easy! Too easy...also, all my school work for tomorrow.

Anticipating… Getting cards from my family! I have an Irish address, and there's nothing like getting mail from home, especially when you're thoughts are there.

Listening to… the telly (like my local slang thrown in there?). Currently it's on Scrubs reruns. Can you believe I'd never seen a full episode until I got to Europe?

Eating… Well, drinking coffee. About to eat my homemade lentil-potato-onion soup!

Wishing…  I had more time and energy to do everything I want on my blogs, for school, and with my new friends (and old!).

And yes, that is a bright, red, lipstick - Rimmel No. 12 in fact. It's a corral because I thought that would work well with my skin tone. I got several compliments today at school about it. Why, when I am a strong proponent of natural looks, have I suddenly donned a bright red? Confidence. I'm a firm believer that only the most confident women can truly pull off reds. And as a sign of my new found confidence (which, I should let you know is a work in progress) I wore red lipstick today.

What do you think? Does it work with my skin tone?


P.S. There's also this Red Lipstick Challenge. I agree with pretty much everything she has to say on the subject and once I figure out how to add buttons, I'll by announcing my participation in her challenge.


  1. Constructive ok? You did ask... The lipstick is too loud, takes too much attn away from the rest of your face; no congruity. Like the confidence attitude thing going on, but you can do better than bright red lipstick. You're deeper than that, stick to the deeper reds...
    Big bro #1

  2. Your red lipstick is gorgeous and shows confidence. I know I would never be able to pull that off! You are beautiful. It doesn't take away from you face; it illuminates it. Big Bro #1 is trying to look out for you, but he is a BRO. His perspective is going to be different than a woman who understands how hard it is to be confident and is also working toward it. Kudos to you and Buenos Suertes!