26 January 2012

Well hi! From Patrick St.

And now, for the long awaited and anticipated first blog post from my new apartment!!!

I have an Irish address. As in, Ireland. How flipping cool is that?!?!

It's above an art gallery (which is why I say we have a pet dog....because during the day they play this art film that is a black lab howling inside what sounds like an echo chamber...we can hear him two floors up). It's right across from the grocery store (which is a good thing, except being able to just run in and get something isn't good for my bank account). It's right downtown amongst all the stores (again, bank account). And...right around the corner from the best pubs (I don't need to explain that, do I?).
Got these pics from Emma.

We finally have internet, we have cable, we even have a home phone (because it was in the bundle). We have a washing machine. A dish washer. We added a coffee pot.

The stuff on the wall is a map of Barcelona and post cards I got there. Working on a similar one for Limerick.

Life is going.

Except for the whole bills part...that's fricking terrifying. Frickin. Terrifying. And being responsible and what not. Which is not to say that I'm a stranger to responsibility. I'm not. But on my own, in another country...well, it can get overwhelming.

Fortunately, I have a roommate. An ausome aussie roommate.

We did some touring of the city, I suppose you might want some pictures....

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*drafted a week ago - only published once pics could be added.

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  1. I enjoy experiencing this through your eyes Mari. Love you, Aunt Tammy