28 January 2012

How to Decorate Your Apartment With No Money and No Desire To Accumulate...

Okay, the long title says it all.

Emma and I have no money. Emma and I have no desire to accumulate things.

The decorations you are about to see are things that I got to take home, found, and otherwise spent 1.50 Euro on.


I found the tray in the bottom drawer of the kitchen. We got the candle for 1 Euro at the Euro store. The pinecones were given to me by the family in Spain. And I made the flowers using this tutorial out of a 2007 Ireland atlas I got for 50 cents at a Charity store.

Aren't the flowers so pretty? You're supposed to use a hot glue gun but since I don't have one of those I used safety pins through the bottom.

Next, we have the walls! The first one is my Barcelona wall.

I used the city map I got while there and added the postcards I picked up. It's a little sparse - I might find some ticket stubs that are still in good shape. 

This is the Ireland wall! It's a work in progress and a team effort. The letters and hearts I cut out of the same atlas I used to make flowers. The map of Ireland and the Limerick page also come from it. The other pieces are things we've done and picked up. 

Map, ticket stub, pamphlet, and some Indian food (because we've had it twice since we've been here!)

Well, there's two really low budget, low effort options for giving a very personal touch to your apartment - and spending very little money!!!


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