03 February 2012

Weekend Plans! 2/3 -2/6

I stole this idea from One Sheepish Girl. She's adorable! (Notice the book she has on the top of her page...!!!)

Anywho, it's been another long week, but the weekend is finally here. Unfortunately, I'm so tired. No suprise all things considered. So this weekend I'm going to take it easy. Most of the other international students are going to Cork or Dingle. Me, I'm having some quality time with my duvet.

It's really warm and comfy.

I also have a really long to-do list. But since I don't have classes on Mondays I have a three-day weekend to do it. Several of the things are pretty easy - like go out and have a cup of tea or file taxes.

Oh, wait.

That second one probably won't happen this weekend.

I'm also planning on finding some hiking boots. Ireland has some amazing hiking opportunities! I'm planning on taking advantage of it. There are supposed to be some trails around Limerick - I might try out one of those on Sunday.

Other than that, make some Potato and Leek soup and sleep.


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