16 January 2012

So you want to live in Limerick....

Not a problem! (apparently)!

Emma the Ausome Aussie
Emma (my Ausome Aussie roommate) and I arrived Thursday night. Friday afternoon at three we saw an apartment (in a prime location I must say) and pretty much decided it was the one for us.

We submitted our paperwork and, barring natural disaster, we move in tomorrow! (at which point you'll get pics - they've taken it off the listing site).

I'm waiting for the ball to drop. This was too easy. As I said, it's in a great location near the river in the city centre of Limerick. It's right across from a large grocery store and pharmacy. It's just down the street from Penney's  - which might be more con than pro ;) - and...yeah.

I've had my eye on it for over a month. Emailed the lister, inquired about a four month lease, made an appointment for Friday afternoon, gave our reference letters (bank statement, letter of acceptance at MIC), paid the deposit...and we move in tomorrow!

I thought it would be harder. Something tells me it won't be this easy in August when I get a place in Chicago.

Don't worry, more posts to come about Limerick, Ireland, and the Irish...I'm working on compiling lists of witty observations.


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