05 January 2012

Barcelona Day 5 aka My Birthday

So, I turned 21 today. Must say, most useless turning of 21 ever since I have been able to legally drink and purchase alcohol since I arrived in Europe on August. 31…nearly four months ago…


The people that work at the hostel have been amazing! I watched The Pianist with them last night and mentioned that it was my birthday – and all day they’ve been calling me “birthday girl” and wishing me Happy Birthday. Seriously, every time they see me. It’s great.

I returned to Parc Guell today. Brandon (the same who led the trip to Montserrat) led a Gaudi tour today. I 
had someone to take pictures of me!

Me, at the highest point in Parc Guell, Barcelona behind me.

We then saw two other Gaudi creations:

Casa Batllo
Then I went to Montjuic!

It had awesome views of Barcelona and the sea.

I also got to see the sunset from here!

Then I returned to the hostel, made some pasta, and packed for the farm…pretty good birthday.


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