23 November 2011

When in Roma...Volunteer!

If I've discovered anything over the past few months, it's that studying abroad gives you way more learning opportunities than just travel. Keep in mind I'm using the John Felice Rome Center as my point of reference, but I'm pretty sure any program will offer you countless opportunities...

For example, here's what I've gotten to do other than travel:

1. Volunteer at an elementary school library and help create podcasts with third graders. (AOSR Third graders "A Just Right Book!")

2. Participate in a Flashmob in front of the Pantheon (scheduled for early December!)
I just came to say hello!
3. Participate in a philosophy conference on politics and what it means to be human. I'll let you know how that goes - happening Dec. 2! You can view my abstracts here.

4. Tour two awesome gelatarias. Due by Dec. 5th. Trust me, I'll keep you updated.

5. Really get to know your professors. Sometimes they take you out for pizza (on the school). Sometimes they invite you to their hometown for a scavenger hunt and pizza (talk about language immersion). Sometimes they buy you un caffe (which raises them to saint status). Sometimes they teach you common slang and hand gestures of Roma...basically, they're awesome.

6. Tour nifty places like the ICCROM labs because your archaeology professor taught the lead restorer.

Get the picture?


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