06 November 2011

Caribbean Paradise in Downtown Roma (a re-post from mydailycupoftea)

This is for the tea blog I write for, but I wanted to share it with you here because the story with it is funny (and typical).

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It took A LOT for me to bring you this tea review.

Since finding tea in Roma is so spotty, I did some Google research before going out. I thought I had found a place. I knew the street it was supposed to be on, the name, as well as the general way to get there. I found the street (finally). I never found the Bar though. In fact, I accidentally ended up where I started (I knew this because I was suddenly next to the vintage store I had discovered earlier that morning and where I had purchased a pair of shoes – i.e. where I had started). 

I decided to do further research and return later. I was supposed to be at Il Gesù, a very famous church in Roma, for a tour at 4PM, so I headed there with my friend. When we got there I really had to go to the bathroom – so I walked down a random alley heading towards a bar and what should be on the side of the door but the words “TEA ROOM.” I got really excited.

Especially when I entered and they actually had a tea selection! Whittington Superior Teas. They in fact had a selection of 40 teas. You can see all the flavors here.

I chose number 27 – Caribbean Paradise. Then I ran to the bathroom.

Upon returning for my tea, I did commit a Roman faux pas – I asked for it “al via” – for the street. I had to get back for the tour. Normally this is a no-no – you either sit or stand at the bar. So I received it in a clear plastic cup – two in fact, one inside of the other for insulation purposes I assume since I still had to hold it at the top so as not to burn my hands.

It was well worth the €2. As you can see from the picture it is supposed to taste of coconut, mango, and some other tropical fruit – it did! Especially the coconut. You could really smell it (awesome smell, very aromatic) but the taste was more of the mango. It was a very lively tea – I think it would have been extremely delicious if it were cold. As it was, it was only a delicious fruit infusion, or tisane (no true tea in it). The next time I’m up near Piazza di Popolo or the Spanish Steps I think I’ll stop in and try another. I’m thinking number 32 or number 7.

By the way. We were at the wrong Il Gesù. Completely wrong end of Via del Corso. They’re offering another tour in December for those who missed it though. 

See the post in its original setting here: http://mydailycupoftea.com/caribbean-paradise-in-downtown-roma!

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