18 November 2011

One Month

The 17th of  November 2011 marked the one-month-left mark of my studies in Roma...

Where did time go?

No, really....where the hell did it go?

When I first arrived here I made sure that I didn't spend a single weekend evening in...even if that just meant getting lost and running into the Pantheon.

But last night, I went to bed early. What gives?!

I think this happens a lot when traveling - even for shorter amounts of time....there's a sense of urgency to fit everything in, but then you exhaust yourself...and end up saying - "tomorrow" or worse, "next weekend" - them you realize you have, like, three weekends left.


And how many papers? How many final projects? How many exams? WHY DID YOU WASTE YOUR TIME?

Sorry Lenon, this time "time you enjoy wasting" was wasted.

(Though it's usually not.)

BUT! You still have three weekends, several evenings, and the desire to correct this wrong! So get out there!!!! NOW! GET OFF IWASTESOMUCHTIME AND GO FORTH!!!

I'm only yelling because I love you. And please know that I am also yelling at myself.

Now I have to go and get lost.


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