23 February 2012

Artsy Fartsy Thursday - Cereal Box Re-do!

Hooray for the second edition of Artsy Fartsy Thursday! Today we're looking at what to do with those cereal boxes...I mean, come on. We all love cereal. We have those boxes and since they're relatively sturdy, why not do something useful with them?

Like make a magazine/notebooks/papers you accumulate and have no where to put because you aren't in your native environment holder!!!

There's super simple directions here. No really, make a mark about 5 inches up on the box and use a ruler to draw a line to the top opposite corner and then make the diagonal cut. Voila!

I didn't make my cut so low. But I still like it! And guess what...I USED MORE ATLAS PAGES!!! I still have 9 left...so lots more crafts in store! I didn't cover the inside of the box either. No point really for me, although it would make it "cleaner" if you did.

Here it is on our counter ready to collect random papers!

Well, that's this week's edition of Artsy Fartsy Thursday! Tune in next week for another study-abroad student friendly DIY!


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