16 February 2012

Artsy Fartsy Thursday - Paper Flowers!

Here's the first edition of Artsy Fartsy Thursday! I don't know why, but since arriving in Ireland I've become very arts and craftsy...perhaps it's necessity birthing creativity. Or maybe a little too much Pinterest (feel free to follow me!).

Whatever the case, it's inspired me to start a new weekly feature called...Artsy Fartsy Thursday! Kitchy and a bit crass? Yes. But I can hardly take myself seriously since I've turned into a...crafty person...Really, I look at a paper towel roll and start thinking "What can I do with this?"

Anyways. This might be a travel blog but part of travel is adaption, especially when you are staying in one place for more than a few weeks. You want it to feel like home. Which brings me to...

Paper flowers! Neither of these are original. The first you've already seen on my blog when I discussed decorating on a shoe string budget. You can find the tutorial for the rose-like flowers (and yes, hers look much better than mine) and pics here.

Today I made two new ones from a new tutorial. I like these as well. They definetely add diversity to the table display and kind of freshen it up. And yep, I used the Atlas I bought (it will play a central part of the next few Thursdays).

Basically, this flower is origami + double sided tape (aka one of the greatest inventions evah!).

As you'll see in the tutorial, she says to fold down part of the paper to make it flush. I made a smaller flower without doing that and here's what happened...

Kind of reminds me of a juicer, but I like it nonetheless. 

Well, that brings us to the end of our first Artsy Fartsy Thursday! Hope you enjoyed! 

Also, hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day.


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