30 August 2011

We leave today!

So at approximately 7:15PM Central Time I will be lifting off from O'Hare in Chicago for a nine hour flight to Zurich, Switzerland. Then, after a short layover and a 1.5 hour flight I'll land at DaVinci Airport in Roma, Italia!!!

It hasn't set in yet. I don't think. Although I do keep pestering Natalie about needing to get the laundry done.

Anywho, from the time that we get in the car to go to the airport I will have exactly one goal: get to the hotel. Unfortunately it's not a direct thing - we have to stop by the JFRC campus to check in, find out what room we're in, sign stuff, etc. etc. etc. Nevertheless, I will be on heightened alert until I have my stuff safely in the room and have a place to lay my head.

It's been a crazy last few days too. There have just been so many last many things to take care of - for example, I tried to find a converter for my straightener and curling iron. I decided to leave them in Natalie's room and buy a straightener there. I couldn't find one for under $30 and apparently they tend to melt in about six months. I did find an adapter though - one that should work in both Italy and Ireland although they're different shaped outlets. I'll give you a review on the Targus WorldPower Adapter later.

So after this DON'T call or text me. I won't get it. I'm taking my sim card out of my phone (yay iPod touch!). I will try to have my Skype up whenever I'm by my computer though. Email is probably gonna work best.

All right, the next time I post I will be in Roma, Italia! (God willing, of course).

Mari <3

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  1. Keep us updated!!! Remember, I'm vicariously experiencing Europe through you... Good luck, Mel!!!!!