21 August 2011

The Plan

So...nine days until I step foot on my first ever international flight...or any flight longer than an hour for that matter.


Anywho. My last attempt at a somewhat regular blog was somewhat of a, well, fail. Of the Epic variety. This one will go better. I hope.

There have been death threats if it doesn't so I'd best keep up (friends who shall not be named).

So here's THE PLAN (but we know how those go)...

Aug. 30: Depart Chicago about 7ish for Rome.
Aug. 31: Arrive in Rome. Idk what time.


Dec. 17: Go to Barcelona.
Dec. 20: Celebrate Natalie's b-day.
Dec. 22: Celebrate my birthday.

Dec. 23: Go to Paris.
Dec. 25: Celebrate Christmas in Paris.

Dec. 28: Go to London.
Dec 31: Celebrate New Year's in London.

Early January: Go to Limerick Ireland for second semester!

Natalie is one of my friends from LUC. We'll be spending Fall semester and the Christmas Holiday together. :)

So I'm hoping for a Flicker account. Also, I will be blogging about twice a month for LUC. I'll have all the posts here.


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