02 September 2011

Second Night in Roma...

Okay, so first off here's my first LUC blog!

The only problem I have with it is that my links aren't highlighted. :( So I'll sum up for you here!

Basically, Roma is covered in graffiti. I mean, covered. We're talking nothing is sacred. Some of it's cool. Most of it's not. Naturally there's a lot of controversy. And of course, Americans have gotten involved. I still haven't figured out the political undertones. I'm hoping my Political Philosophy course on communism and facism will help.

Here's my Picasa album of Roman Graffiti which I plan on updating throughout the semester.


So last night, my second night here, we decided we had to go to the city center...aka a really old cool thing around every corner. Seriously. The Pantheon will sneak up on you. 

We refers to Natalie, Debbie, Megan, and Caitlin, the latter two being SLU students studying here. 

We decided to try to find the Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna. We turned the wrong way and then found something, then found the Spanish Steps, then got lost on the way to Trevi Fountain. Which we found eventually. 

But about the Spanish Steps, the goal of the Evening. There's a beautiful fountain at the base which people were surrounding (it's hot here) and soaking their feet in. The place was very crowded, but it wasn't a raucous crowd. Sure, it was noisy, but the Italian way is to sit, relax, and have a glass of wine (it's legal to drink in public) while talking with friends.

Sure, Americans do that. But not at something popes have walked on

The Spanish Steps, though a pretty famous image of Roma, are relatively new. The Barcaccia Fountain (a work by Bernini, and yes it's the same one people were soaking their feet in) and the Trinità dei Monti (the church at the top) are much older. The Steps were built up a steep hill to connect the two between 1723-1725.

Audrey Hepburn relaxed there in Roman Holiday too.

Here's the rest of what we did that evening...

Più in seguito... 

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