10 May 2012

Getting Real...

Well, the day has come. Today I go to London, and a week from now I'll be on a plane home to the USA.

I packed last night. It weighs too much. Story of my life.

I'll try to post an update while I'm in London. I have a lot to look forward to:

  1. I get to stay with a friend from freshman year.
  2. I get to meet up with the amazing Natalie AND fly home with her.
  3. I get to go to Jane Austen's home Saturday.
  4. I get to participate in a writing workshop at Jane Austen's home Saturday.
  5. I'm going to try my darndest to get to Paris for a day or two.
Then, God and airlines willing, we will land in Chicago next Thursday at around 2PM. 

It's becoming real. So real. Painfully real. 

I'm leaving what has been my  home for eight and a half months. And when I get home a really important person will be missing. 

But all of my friends will be there (well, scattered but still). And my family.  

And so, if I don't get to post again before, Happy Mother's Day to my amazing Mommy and wonderful Step-mom. Thank you so much for your love and support throughout my grand adventure. 

Hmmmm...I might have a name for my next blog....


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