03 September 2011

Il Coloseo e il Foro Romano

O. M. G.

No, really. History has a way of creeping up on you around here. Like, you're sitting on the bus and then BAM! Il Colosseo, or the Colosseum is suddenly right in front of you. Like, right there. In. Front. Of. You. Crazy.

We went to il Foro Romano, or the Roman Forum, first. We refers to Caitlin, Megan, Natalie and myself. This is them: (from left to right...) Caitlin, Megan, Me, Natalie.

And yep, that's the Colosseum, which under went serious work in the early part of this century. I didn't get a pic of all of us at Il Foro Romano.

Anyways, back at the Foro...You actually get to traipse about all over Palatine Hill. You walk by Caeser Augustus's villa, over the remains of his wife's quarters (her name was Livia). There's lots of random old stuff...for more see my Picasa album starring Caitlin: "When in Roma, touch old stuff". (It's not up yet - it takes forever to load stuff. I'll put the link in when it's good). So basically, it's a huge open air museum and archaeological site. And just really cool. And old. And huge. The professor who gave us a lecture before the visit told us to stand in the Basilica Nova and think about how small we are - both size wise and in time.

Following some problems with a bossy student we made it to il Colosseo! And just whoa. I mean yeah. Megan pointed something out though - it's a little strange that we love coming to this site and exploring and find it so awesome when many people came here to die. By the way, did you know Roman Centurions had cell phones? They do. It's quite the anachronism. And the sun...I got some amazing pictures.... The gift shop though...little bit on the pricey side.

Speaking of buying things - I have to keep stopping myself from freaking out about not having any souvenirs or gifts or anything yet - then I remind myself, "It's only the third day Mari. You're here for four months. Seriously. Chill. Opportunities will present themselves - when shopping is involved they always do."


Il Coloseo e il Foro Romano

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