08 June 2012

KY Derby via Ireland

See those things on the left...those are Chocolate Earl Grey with  Cream Cheese Icing Cake Balls...

Any Derby Party has to have Bourbon....Lots of Bourbon. 

The only other chica to where a hat! The beautiful (French) Raphaelle.

Arnaud had a hat too. Not sure where he got it. I think he was sharing it...

I think my KY Derby part Italian style was quite the success. Not many pics, not good quality at all, but an awesomely awesome time getting to share a piece of my culture with my sweet European friends.

I served:

Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Cake Balls
Chicken Nuggets and Southern Fried Chicken Goujons with Mango Chutney and BBQ Sauce
Sweet Baby Corn
Low fat hummus and sweet chili hummus
Strawberries and grapes
A shot of bourbon with mixer

It was awesome!


PS Congrats to I'll Have Another on the Derby and Preakness win and good luck with the stud farm!

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